About Us

Our Philosphy

Hoop Shots 4 Kids Program Philosophy

The FAST Break Approach


Our primary goal is to make basketball fun for your child while building a great foundation. We teach fundamentals in a way your children will enjoy while building on basketball basics


We believe in building strong future student athletes. Teaching kids in our program to achieve goals in life is very important to us. Our program is about our kids achieving their goals in life and in the game of basketball.


We want your children to understand how to be good sports. At Hoop Shots your children will learn to share, take turns, and work with the team.


We will work with your children to develop great basketball habits, gently teaching your children basketball form and techniques they will utilize for years to come.

Our Mission: Strong Minds | Strong Bodies | Super Sportsmanship. Creating All-Star Basketball Experiences for your Children.

Head Coaches

Licensed by USA Basketball

Our coaches are committed to teaching skill, technique, and character in a fun and safe environment. Each coach is licensed and accredited with USA Basketball Youth Development Program. Our lead coach has over 20 years of  secondary and post-secondary head coaching experience as well as extensive experience in youth sports development through community programs and top tier youth development camps.


 Outstanding customer relationships

We pride ourselves in creating All-Star basketball experiences for your child. That means your child will receive best in class instruction based on the USA Basketball Youth Development Curriculum in a fun and safe environment. Your child will be taught by seasoned coaches who are certified and experienced. We will keep you abreast of your child’s progress by providing you with regular evaluations via email. We believe that communication is a two-way street so we are committed to providing great customer service and frequent communication, but we want to hear from you so we will always be available to answer questions in a timely manner.


USA Basketball Youth Development Curriculum

Hoop Shots follows the USA basketball youth development methodology. All Hoop Shots coaches are licensed with the USA Basketball Youth Development Program. The USA Basketball Youth Development curriculum is nationally recognized, based on science and backed by years of research. The USA Basketball Youth Development program is the gold standard in youth basketball development in the United States and focuses on fundamental skill development, technique and sportsmanship.